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Monday, November 8, 2010

This is not Georgia-specific news (or even triathlon news), but it's still a great story. When we visited Chile a few years ago, we found a beautiful country whose citizens were warm, welcoming and helpful. It quickly became one of our favorite vacations, and we felt a special connection when tragedy struck the miners there earlier this year. To see someone who recently spent more than two months underground cross the line of the NY Marathon is inspirational. He's never run that far, but says it's not his last marathon - “I know I can improve my time.”

Into the Sunlight and Onto the Streets of New York, the Miner Perseveres

Edison Peña could be forgiven for having to slow to a walk at times during the New York City Marathon on Sunday. His training, after all, came via subterranean loops of only a few miles at a time, with the tunnels of a collapsed gold and copper mine for a course and sawed-off work boots for footwear.

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