Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The great folks at Blue Sky Sports have announced their 2011 Tri The Parks Triathlon season. Six races are once again on the schedule, including five sprint-distance events and one Olympic (international) distance.

  •   John Tanner - April 30 (Sprint)
  •  Blalock Lakes - June 4 (Sprint)
  •  Indian Springs - June 25 (Sprint)
  •  Mistletoe - July 23 (Sprint)
  •  Richard B Russel - August 13 (Olympic)
  •  John Tanner # 2 - September 10 (Sprint)

The name of the series comes from the fact that all races are held in Georgia state parks. These are exciting, small events (generally less than 500 participants) that appeal to first timers while also offering a challenge to hard-core competitors.

Learn more and register at their site. You can also see the park locations on the Georgia Triathlete Events page.


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